Gwenael Pluchon

Front-end Developer


Hi, I'm Gwen!

I’m a web software engineer. I use to experiment a lot with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; I'm always dabbling with Javascript, whether it is front-end or Back-end.
I build simple web apps that works. I do it well.

I’m curious, and I enjoy work that challenges me to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. I do my best to stay on top of changes in the state of the art so that I can meet challenges with tools well suited to the job at hand.

  • 2019


    Various works for companies and projects. See portfolio for more details

    • Web development (Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Webpack, Node, Mongodb, Socket.io)
    • Progressive web-apps
    • Content redaction, blogging
    • Teaching and mentoring
  • 2017

    Personnal projects Exploring Ember Internals And Working On A Framework On Top Of It

    Personnal project : provide a tooling suite to make people able to build highly extensive and modular application

    • Development (Javascript, EmberJS, html5, CSS3, Cordova)
    • Modularisation
    • Researches about user experience
    • Fork of the Ember Inspector
    • Offline ine rst
    • Progressive web apps
    • Tooling
    • ESNext
    • Other projects with React, Vue.js, Firebase, Flux architecture...
  • 2016

    Capensis Research And Development Engineer

    R&D engineer for the Open Source project Canopsis.

    • Development (Python, Javascript, EmberJS, html5, CSS3, NoSql, AMQP)
    • Client needs analysis, costing, and tasks monitoring
    • Training of internal employees and clients (technical, business oriented)
    • Software architecture (Setting up a modular and extensible base for the project...)
    • Client support (Requirements definition, analysis)
    • Open source community management (open-source users and clients, evangelisation)
    • Pre and post sales activities
    • Internal and external contribution processes
    • Quality, delivery, tests processes, and continuous integration
    • Documentation writing
    • Reflexion on new ways to sell the product
  • 2013

    CGI Nantes Master Internship - Dematerialization

    Realisation of an Android application prototype for mobile document dematerialization

    • Development (C#, Java, Javascript)
    • Use of the Kofax dematerialization software suite
  • 2011

    Graphisweet BTS Internship

    Mock-up realisation, development, and website integration for customers of the agency

    • Development (Php, Joomla)
    • Graphism (Photoshop, InDesign)
  • Travay - A job board for Haiti, where people are paid with cryptocurrency

    Freelance Vue.js ES6 webapp

    A project I worked on as a freelancer. I helped the existing team in developing features and help on architecture.

    My job consisted in extracting a set of components and create an external library containing them. I also worked in the initial creation of the project, on webpack configuration, and other tooling issues.

    Other tasks I was involved in are internationalization, form validation, components creation...

  • Simple web FTP

    Vue.js ES6 FTP webapp websocket (socket.io)

    A simple FTP client webapp, built using socket.io.

  • Dashy 2 - Dashboard creation webapp

    Vue.js ES6 Large-scale project Monitoring

    A webapp to build interactive dashboards from the ground up, fetch data from distant APIs and explore datasets.

    Everything from layout to data interaction can be done without any line of code, from layout to data fetching and user interaction through buttons and forms.

  • vue-diagrams - Vue meets diagrams !

    Vue.js library ES6 svg open source

    An open-source diagramming library built on top of Vue.js. It allows you to create diagram elements, bind them with links, and reorganize everything on the diagram.

  • Chispa - a Realtime Websocket storage service

    Service Websocket Vue.js Webpack ES6 Node

    A service providing a realtime api to push and read json documents.

    The project consist of a server, listening to websocket messages, and a client library, in JS (only JS at the moment).

    I also developped a npm module to automatically sync Vuex stores with a Chispa backend. Thus, the store is saved in realtime through websocket!

  • Vue-git-cms - A static CMS using Github to store files

    Webapp Github API Vue.js Webpack

    This project is a web admin served statically, that allows to edit Github repositories containing web pages served on Github Pages.

    Everything is statically served (the admin webapp as well).

  • Vue-plugins - A plugin index for Vue.js

    Webapp Vue.js Webpack

    This project list vue.js repositories and present them in a searchable, human-readable list.

  • uComments - Comment system for static websites

    Webapp Firebase React Vue.js Webpack

    A short project, (5 days of development) aiming to establish an alternative to disqus, using realtime technologies.

    Everything was developped with only Firebase as backend. The application is served with a static file server and every data is send through websockets, allowing instant refresh (in the admin and in the comment module) when a comment is posted or modified.

  • Verbs conjugator ES - Mobile app

    Hybrid webapp React Cordova Webpack

    A small hybrid webapp available online, and bundled as an offline android app.

    This project was done to try React performance with huge sets of data displayed, and to develop my presence on the Google Play Store.

  • Readme offline

    Hybrid webapp Dashy Ember.js Cordova

    A small hybrid webapp made with the Dashy framework (see related project) that serves as a proof of concept.

    This mobile application allows to download a light version of webpages directly in your browser and to view them once you are offline.
    It is also possible to download pages linked in a RSS feed, thus downloading a complete feed and its article in one time.

  • Dashy - Webapp Framework

    Software Architecture Ember.js Broccoli REST Firebase

    A framework built on top of Ember.js allowing to create applications with JSON or a visual editor.

    It put the focus on code reuse, components and mixins. Data descriptors, data bindings, and views are written in JSON.

  • Canopsis frontend

    Software Architecture Ember.js REST

    An editable dashboarding system, modular and open source.